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Presentations and Offerings

We're always busy co-creating new offerings that uplift, transform, and educate. Here are just a few of the workshops, events and lectures we've delivered over the years. Contact Us for upcoming offerings or if you'd like to have us at your next event.

Re-wilding the Pagan Soul
Albion, Ecopsychology and the Epigenetic Memory of Place
Presented at Harvard Divinity School, April 2022, and Pantheacon, February 2019.

Albion, the ancient name of England, Wales, and Cornwall, evokes the mystery of megalithic stone structures, subterranean burial chambers, other-worldly sacred groves and numinous holy wells. Often referred to as the Pagan holy land, it is the land to which many Pagans pilgrimage to remember, reclaim, and reconstitute their memory by accessing the undying records contained within stone, water, and tree.


It is believed that to undertake pilgrimage to a sacred site is to open oneself to the power and potency of that place, wherein one is activated, changed and expanded by the experience. Like Jerusalem, Mecca or the Hindu Shakti Pitha, it is in the terra firma of place that we can journey to find ourselves anew. From ancient stone circle to chthonic barrow, the memory of our wild, pre-Christian inheritance is quickened and reshaped by Albion, giving succor once again to the Pagan soul. Although our grimoires have been destroyed, and our ancestral wisdom burned, stoned, and tortured into silence, still the rock, root, and well retain the codex of Pagan knowledge, if we will only get quiet enough to listen.


In this presentation Indigo and Megan Rose discussed how their many pilgrimages to the ancient Pagan sites in Albion stimulated memory, awakened intuitive gifts, and gave them greater access to the wisdom of their ancestors. Through the lens of Eco-Psychology and Epigenetics, we explored how interaction with burial mounds, holy wells, sacred groves, and megalithic monuments can help us all reclaim our identities and birthrights as modern Pagans, Witches, Druids, and Seers.

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Tribal Baroque: Beingness
Produced by Salt and Sugar Productions

Tribal Baroque: Beingness, is a short film featuring two artists – one channeling a Pink Angel, the other an Egyptian God – who use operatic voices, violin, and dance to express life, love, death and what it means to BE. Thoth & Lila’Angelique of Tribal Baroque allow us behind the makeup and the stage and into their personal realm, an extraordinary land of their own making, where art and identity are one. (Trailer)

Watch the full movie (30:48)

Working with the Primordial Dark Goddess Kali and Her Yoginis for Empowerment as Witches and Pagans
Presented at Conjure Craft April 2018

For many the image of Kali’s lolling red tongue, array of weapons and garland of human skulls evokes fear and resistance. Many understand her solely to be a Goddess of death and dismemberment. Yet Kali has many faces and many names. One such name is Adya Kali, the Primordial Dark Goddess through whom the Universe is continually birthed, destroyed and re-birthed. And it is through the medium of her Yoginis, both gentle and fierce, that all of creation takes shape and form. In this experiential workshop we will explore the Shakta Tantric forms of Kali and Her Yoginis, focusing specifically on the fierce aspects of this often misunderstood face of the Goddess. Guidance will be given for how, as Witches and Pagans, we can best approach and undertake a relationship with this dynamic, powerful Goddess whose worship has been held in unbroken lineage for thousands of years. Special focus will be given to how working with Kali and the Yoginis empowers, emboldens and enables us to step into total personal responsibility and sovereignty in our lives and magic.

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