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The Entheosis Institute is a non-profit organization devoted to helping people cultivate a lived experience of their extraordinary, or divine,  Self through art, education, eco-spirituality and beloved community.


Entheosis is the process of awakening the divine within. But being divine is not about being perfect or transcending your humanity. It is the fully-realized potential of an individual or group that has devoted itself to the greater good – a just and equitable world that works for everyone...



Looking for a supportive, non-judgemental environment to better understand an extraordinary experience? Want to explore your magical or Pagan roots? How about making a magic wand using eco-spiritual techniques? Just want to meet some like-minded magical, yet grounded, wyrdos? Here we are!


Whether its time, ideas, a physical space, or money, we appreciate and gladly accept your tax-deductible donations.

Get Involved

We love to partner with other new paradigm organizations and people who want to "Be the Change." Together we can create the Beloved Community. Contact us to discuss how we might work together.



04/29/22: "Rewilding the Pagan Soul: Albion, Ecopsychology and the Epigenetic Memory of Place." Ecological Spiritualities Conference. Harvard Divinity School.

02/17/20: "Spirit Marriage: Cultivating a Bonded Relationship with Spirits." Pantheacon. 11am. San Jose, CA

12/06/19: "The Celtic Faery Faith: Meeting Our Extraordinary Ancestors." San Francisco Theosophical Society. 7pm. SF, CA


Upcoming Events


We are currently planning some exciting new programs for 2023 and beyond, including both online and in-person classes and workshops. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know!

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02/23/19: "Cultivating a Bonded Relationship With Spirit." Grindstone Wellness Center. Lyndonville, VT

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